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Your accounts are important

Let ORIGO help you work through the numbers and ensure you are right on track.

Accounts are the back bone of your business, and it is crucial that you keep on top of them to ensure your business is in good financial health.

All business in the UK face a number of taxes, and different formats of accounts, depending on the nature of the business and the profit you are making.

Missing accounts and passed deadlines can lead to hefty fines from HMRC, along with mounting interest on any overdue  taxes.

Make sure you know what your business must calculate and pay to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) so you’re never caught out.

ORIGO offers peace of mind as you future-proof your business with 100% online accounting, using market leading software that is mobile friendly. You can manage your accounts and tax whenever you want to, from wherever you are.

We can help with:
  • Advice on the most suitable structure for your business. 
  • Advising you of the records you need to keep and provide to us 
  • Keeping you informed of any deadlines involved 
  • Preparing and submitting accounts for you, using our market-leading software 
  • Carry out a full tax efficiency review to ensure you are minimising your tax liabilities 
  • Talk the accounts through with you face-to-face or over the phone to ensure you understand them fully 

ORIGO’s cost effective monthly plans help you manage your accounts simpler, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Tax can be confusing and takes time away from other activities that you need to focus on when running your own business, which is why ORIGO is here to give you peace of mind and keep your accounts in check.

From the newly self employed to the growing business, a friendly, reliable and approachable accountant in your corner is essential to your business growth.

Our professional advice and knowledge ensures that you are always up to date with the various taxes which apply to your business.

If you are wondering where to start, below are some of the main taxes small to medium size businesses need to pay with a brief bit of information about them and their deadlines.

If you are in need of urgent advice about any tax issue pick up the phone and we will talk you through everything you need to know.

The specific taxes that apply to your business will depend on its structure, the products and services it offers and its performance.

Income Tax

This is the important one, and covers the tax you pay on your income, not all sources of income are taxable and there are certain amounts of income tax relief available.

Important Deadlines:

  • 31st January for online tax returns
  • 31st October for paper returns
(Income tax is usually paid through self assessments which you file for the previous year )

Corporation Tax

You’ll need to pay this tax on any profits from doing business as a limited company, any foreign company with a UK branch or office, a club or unincorporated association.

Important Deadlines:

  • 12 months after the end of your accounting period
You may have 2 accounting periods in the year you set up your company


If your business sells products and services, you may need to start charging your customers VAT

The standard VAT rate is 20 per cent, although some products and services will have reduced or even zero rates, or be exempt.

 Important Note:

  • if your turnover is above £85,000, (and is VAT taxable) you must register without delay.

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We offer services for start ups and established small businesses, sole traders and owner managed companies.

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